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The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation  
Giving motivated people the tools they need to help themselves.

Selected Projects

The Foundation supports the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, which maintains a museum that was the home of Puerto Rico's first native governor, who was the grandfather of the Foundation's current President.

Working with community partners, the PCLB Foundation created a health clinic in 2009 - Clínica Carmen Lucia - to provide medical and dental care in one for the poorest areas of Vila Velha, Brazil. This project was a request of Carmen Lucia Buck, a founding Board member, and the Foundation endeavors to fulfill her interests.

Additionally, the Foundation makes grants to ABRAS, a nonprofit organization in Brazil that supports other charities in the Vila Velha region.

All grants in this sector are initiated by the Foundation.

For questions regarding Clínica Carmen Lucia, please contact Project Director Dan Weiss; for information on other Selected Projects, contact Senior Program & Administrative Officer, Carrie Schindele. Unsolicited information and unsolicited requests for funding in this area are not forwarded to board members.